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Shenseea Makes Surprise Performance At Romeich Birthday Bash With Ding Dong

Romeich Major was thoroughly surprised after his former artiste Shenseea popped out on stage to serenade him for his birthday.

While at Water Worl on Sunday, commemorating the artist’s birthday, Romeich was distracted by dancer turn deejay Ding Dong who encouraged the artist to listen to the group and take videos. Nevertheless, Shenseea’s song “Dolly” got here on with the artist speaking within the background. Major appeared caught off guard as Shenseea ran out on stage to perform the song.

In a post on Instagram, he shared that he was genuinely surprised and even became emotional on the gesture. “Biggest bday surprise not just for #WrayRumWaterWorl but for me!!! Never know @shenseea did a fly een back big up my team for this lovely surprise love uno bad a swear,” Romeich wrote. “I actually was so pleased 2 tears fell on stage.”

Shenseea and her former manager have a really close relationship as he’s the Godfather of her son Rajeiro while she can also be godmother to his daughter, Skye. Major is credited by Shenseea for locating her and never only unearthing her talent but additionally helping to chart her from a young dancehall artist to now a hip-hop artist.

Shenseea previously worked with Major as a bottle service waitress and later impressed upon him that she had talent before he tasked her with writing her first song, “Jiggle Jiggle,” which was her debut single that catapulted her profession.

The Artist has been living in the USA since signing a new manager, Sal Slaiby, that manages artists like Doja Cat and The Weeknd. While she was in Jamaica recently and even shared that she was having fun with the food and taking a break from work, it was apparent that she was back within the U.S.

Nevertheless, plainly Shenseea, who gifted Major and two other teammates Rolex watches earlier this yr, returned to surprise Major at his birthday event.

She also shared her appreciation to Major by gifting him a plot of land adjoining to his Romeich Headquarters, where the studio where Shenseea first recorded her music is positioned and where she would report for work as a waitress.

Major’s event his past weekend was the culmination of a three-day entertainment weekend from October 28-30, which saw the celebrations kick off with the Hennessy-sponsored Top 500 event with every ‘who’s a who’ in Jamaica only having the ability to attend on an invite basis.

There was also a street dance and Water Worl to finish things.

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Shenseea, in comments, praised Major as she noted that he “one at all times have mi back” and “is a father figure to my son Rajeiro.”

Shenseea also spoke about Romeich being the one to take her out of living in poverty within the ghetto where she couldn’t even afford slippers, and was also the one which made her travel on a plane for the primary time.

Meanwhile, Shenseea was commended by label mate Ding Dong and others, especially fans who noted the loyalty that existed between Shenseea and Romeich.

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