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SINGING PRAISE IN MOURNING: New gospel song reminds listeners to stay faithful even in sad times

SINGING PRAISE IN MOURNING: New gospel song reminds listeners to remain faithful even in sad times

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Turning tragedy into inspiration and glory is the message behind “Sleep On (Remix Island Style)”, the new gospel single released by Bahamian creative extraordinaire Dominique Forbes.

The song is devoted to the memory of Forbes’ cousin, Devon Brown, and she or he said the thought to create it got here to her shortly after his death.

A memorial for the late Devon Brown, who died in October 2020.

“The thought to create this version of my gospel song got here to mind once I visited my relations in Bain Town after the death of my cousin, Devon Brown, in late October 2020,” said the artist who previously rapped under the name JP (Junior Prodigy) and who earned her start in music by winning the Guinness Talent Search in 2011.

“I listened to several songs that were playing within the background on the time. The entire songs mourned the loss of somebody, so immediately my attention was arrested.

“I wrote this song moments after I received the ultimate phone call from my mother late that night telling me that my younger cousin was dead.

“‘Sleep On (Remix Island Style)’ was and still is meant to be a biblically-based song that concurrently grabs and maintains the eye of the listeners all around the globe, especially those that reside within the inner-city akin to the community of Bain and Grants Town, where my cousin’s memory lives on today.”

Forbes, an entrepreneur and speaker who has already published two books — a family-friendly e-book entitled “Where Is Daddy?” and a poetry book entitled “Mamma, Do You Love Me?” — spoke of holding fast to faith even after the lack of a beloved member of the family.

“My aunt is now without her son, yes. Brothers and sisters now mourn, yes. Prolonged relations like myself, neighbors, schoolmates, his girlfriend, friends, teammates, employers, coworkers, associates and all who’ve come into contact with this young man all weep, yes,” she said.

Dominique Forbes.

“Nevertheless, God continues to be on the throne, so I decide to sing about this.

“God may allow misfortune to occur to bring glory and honor to his name. Hence the rationale he’s going to permit this song to serve its purpose but death isn’t the heavenly father’s doing.”

Forbes said this belief can be what inspired the song’s name, as she believes “my cousin will remain asleep until Christ comes”.

The song was released on July 30 and is out there on Spotify, iTunes, Youtube and other platforms; and Forbes also hinted that different versions of the song shall be released in the long run.

For more information on “Sleep On (Remix Island Style)”, contact Forbes at dlforbes2015@gmail.com; visit her on social media at DominiqueForbes242 on Facebook or @Dominiqueforbesglobal on Instagram; or visit her blog at www.patreon.com/DominiqueForbes.

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