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Social violence incidents have been reduced by 21%.

Violent acts and criminality, on the whole, have been significantly reduced within the country after the implementation of the Integral Strategy for Citizen Security “My Protected Country” and the joint preventive actions initiated last June 2 by instructions of the President of the Republic, Luis Abinader, under the coordination of the Minister of the Interior, Jesús Vásquez Martínez, and the Director General of the National Police, Major General Eduardo Alberto Then.

On this sense, and in keeping with the statistical data, the facts of social violence (gender and domestic violence) have been reduced by 21% this 12 months in comparison with last 12 months and by 59% when measured within the previous 24 months.

During a press conference held on the police palace, the police said that the reductions in cases of gender violence cataloged as historic represent an unequivocal sign that the safety plans and techniques are working.

It’s value noting that in keeping with statistical measurements, there’s a transparent downward trend by way of gender violence-related incidents.

Cases solved

Statistical reports also indicate that because of the investigative and intelligence actions deployed by the Central Directorate of Investigations (DICRIM), a complete of 1,292 cases of crimes and offenses were solved.

Actions against crime
As for preventive actions deployed between July 19 and August 1, they indicate that a complete of 139 individuals were detained in relation to situations related to gender violence.

Drug trafficking

Meanwhile, 289 alleged criminals were detained for matters related to drug trafficking, and several types of drugs were seized.

Flagrant crime

The joint preventive actions also led to the arrest within the flagrante delicto of 168 alleged criminals, which shows that dozens of criminal acts were thwarted.

Weapons recovered

During this era, 77 firearms of various brands and calibers were recovered. Also seized were 17 homemade weapons and 688 bladed weapons.

Vehicles recovered

The reports also indicate the recovery of 48 vehicles of various makes and models which had been reported stolen. Also, 189 motorcycles were reported stolen.

Drugs seized
In relation to the interventions against drug trafficking deployed by the National Drug Control Directorate (DNCD) and police personnel, the occupation of 81,049 portions of several types of drugs stands out. The controlled substances seized between July 20 and August 4 were accounted for on this item.


With regard to actions to regulate noise pollution, 212 boxes, 224 loudspeakers, 66 kitipo, ten music plants, and three radios were seized. Also, 22 business establishments were visited to be notified about complaints related to noise pollution.

Authorities present
The press conference was attended by Generals Pedro Cordero Ubrí, Inspector General of the Police; Paul Cordero Montes de Oca, Central Director of Investigation (DICRIM); Máximo Ramírez de Oleo, Director of Human Resources; Jacinto Minaya Herrera, Central Director of Prevention; Celeste Yanet Jiménez Cabral, head of the Specialized Directorate of Attention to Women and Domestic Violence.

They were joined by Colonels Elvis Reyes Paulino, commander of Police Statistics; Inocencio Segura Alcántara, director of Police Planning; Rafael Almonte Cid (FF. AA). Metropolitan deputy commander; Carlos Javier Castillo Castillo Castillo, deputy director of J-3 Plans, ERD; Naking Severino Duarte, ERD; and pilot Colonel Néstor Iván Dominici, C-3 Deputy Command, ERD.

Also present was Daniel Pou, director of the Ministry of Interior and Police Data Evaluation Center.

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