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Solar Tours and Travel is Saint Lucia’s Leading Tour Operator

Solar Tours & Travel CEO Carmelita Xavier accepts the prize award

Solar Tours & Travel CEO Carmelita Xavier accepts the prize award

CARMELITA Xavier of Solar Tours & Travel was elated to receive the distinguished award of Saint Lucia’s Leading Tour Operator on the recent World Travel Awards, which was held here.

Solar Tours &Travel is identified because the # 1 leading Destination Management Company in Saint Lucia.

Xavier prides herself and her dedicated crew on sustaining the business for greater than 4 a long time and credits their success to exertions, toil, and sweat to satisfy the expectations of their wide-ranging clientele.

Talking to THE VOICE, on the event, she described the most recent achievement as “an eye-opener …in order that I can return to my vendors and say to them there’s far more to achieve in the straightforward way that we’re doing things and we are able to do far more than that”.

Xavier stressed on the concepts of sustainability  tourism and wellness tourism, as the corporate marks 41 years of operations.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) defined her role as leading her team as a “role model …and to depart a legacy.” She said it was necessary to chart the progress of the business, with “the way in which that we sell Saint Lucia, in the way in which that we sell our service to our clients coming to Saint Lucia …and mainly, not simply to make a reputation for ourselves locally, but hopefully regionally and internationally as well.

In a nutshell, what’s the primary function of the Solar Tours & Travel company?

“We sell tourism services,” declared Xavier. “I operate a multi-faceted business, so I sell tours, and attractions, meet with clients after they get to the airport …and deal with them from arrival to departure.”

The corporate caters to a big selection of clients, globally and “represents operator firms from overseas and we also represent among the greater names”.

Added Xavier: “I consider myself a frontrunner …because I’m focused on service, I’m focused on leading my team and I even have set a platform for my employees to follow.

“I even have trained many individuals …and I’m working on the hotels and different attractions, so I even have been doing quite a bit.”

Xavier is optimistic concerning the company moving into the new era of sustainability and embracing this developing tourism concept. Foremost, she wants her employees to emulate her drive and keenness for catering to the clients and making their stay on the island, a snug, memorable, and enjoyable experience.


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