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Songbird Darlington succumbs to cancer

Regional entertainer and former Richard Stoute Teen Talent Competition winner Sharon Darlington has been remembered for having a gorgeous soul and a heart of humility.

Darlington succumbed to her battle with cancer on Thursday, after a recent diagnosis.

Richard Stoute, Darlington’s close friend, mentor and the founding father of the competition she won greater than a decade ago, said her humility was one among her most eminent attributes.

“She was humble and she or he loved life. I don’t think I ever spoke to her where she didn’t mention God. She was very conscious of the indisputable fact that there was a redeemer and he was accountable for her life. Her spiritual understanding stood out for me greater than all the things else,” he told Barbados TODAY.

Reflecting on Darlington’s entry to the music scene, he said he was struck by her phenomenal voice when she participated within the competition in 1991.

“She was only a young girl and she or he was just so talented. From the time I heard her sing, I knew that there was some talent. She did a song called Never Never Never by Shirley Bassey and she or he did it higher than Shirley Bassey . . . and the place just went wild,” Stoute said as he reflected on Darlington’s entrance to the music scene.

From there, Stoute said, the then 18-year-old began singing with bands and he got her a contract to sing on a cruise liner which she did for a few years.

It was initially of the COVID-19 pandemic that Darlington reached out to Stoute and told him about her health situation and he didn’t hesitate to supply a hand.

“She got here back to Barbados [two years ago] and told me she would really like to have a gathering with me. She explained to me what she was going through and she or he told me she was in poor health and that she needed help. I put together a concert for her – it was during COVID times so it was restricted, but . . . I had 31 of the [Teen Talent Competition] graduates perform for her from the entertainment arena,” he said.

The profit concert to lift funds for Darlington’s treatment was an enormous success.

Stoute explained that the then 47-year-old had given her life to God and spoke lovingly of her relationship with the Father above.

“She told me that God was going to assist her through this and she or he had a firm belief in God, and it didn’t matter what the doctors would say she believed he would help her through. She struggled but things got worse, and when God is prepared for you it doesn’t matter. She was struggling and today was the day she was taken away from us. She was a beautiful young woman,” Stoute added in a low voice.

“She is in a greater place. God will deal with her and I would like to supply my condolences to her family, friends, and the entire Teen Talent fraternity because if something happens to one among them I ensure I’m right there with them to assist them.”

Stoute expressed due to the previous Teen Talent members who rallied around Darlington through the launch of the concert on December 13 at Solidarity House in 2020.

“To get 31 of them to return out for her that evening to present their support was emotional for me – once I saw those from way back within the 70s and the large support they gave her,” he added.

Stoute said he hopes to form a Richard Stoute Organisation to assist those in need.

“These are the times when we’d like one another greater than ever before. Let people pool their resources and we might have a greater country. If five people live in a house and you set down one dollar a day, at the tip of the yr you’ll have $1,800. I ponder how many individuals would understand that. I believe we’d like to pool our resources together because these are very difficult times. People need one another now greater than they ever did before,” he said. (MR)

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