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Springer Memorial celebrated Season of Emancipation

The importance of culture to a society like Barbados can’t be overemphasised, and is an area that should always be supported. This was the message shared by principal of the Springer Memorial School, Mitchelle Maxwell, as she delivered transient remarks through the school’s Cultural Extravaganza Day held on Tuesday.

The day, which featured a number of cultural presentations, including performances from the Barbados Police Service Band, Israel Lovell Foundation, and a special presentation of the college’s masquerade band who were participating on this 12 months’s SigniaGlobe Financial Junior Masquerade Project.

While chatting with students, Maxwell said that the role of culture in Barbados is a deeply rooted one, which matches beyond the boundaries of the Crop Over season.

“The importance of culture in our lives is undeniable… culture is what a society lives on, and every society can see its culture reflected in its language, folktales, music, literature and food. This expression of culture is the definition and the determinant of the sort of society that it’s and the best way others view it.

Principal Maxwell emphasized that though the thought of culture has many features to it, it has and continues to be rooted in being the inspiration to a society’s social identity and resilience within the face of adversity.

“This struggle will be represented through vivid color in costumes, the rhythm in dance, the beat of the drum, the smell and taste of our food and the sheer beauty and intuitiveness of our people. These intrinsic elements are an inextricable link which have given root to resilience and purpose.”

She added: “This Season of Emancipation provides the proper backdrop for us to have a good time. It’s the chance for us to deepen our sense of social awareness, and cause us to learn to understand the cultural richness and variety of our people.”

Minister with responsibility for Culture, Senator Dr. Shantal Munro-Knight, who can be a former student of the college, also mirrored remarks made by Maxwell, and said that the Barbadian society as we understand it was built on a resilience that has made the nation what it’s today.

“There’s a heritage inside this society of a Barbados that understands what it’s to struggle, understands what it’s as well to be resilient and understands what it’s as well to return out of the opposite side and to forge a nation that today within the context of 166 square miles stands tall in the worldwide area. That is who we’re as Barbadians.”

“Due to this fact, the very proven fact that the college was capable of ground the cultural extravaganza within the context of the Season of Emancipation, is something I think we must always also herald.”    

The senator also expressed a hope to see similar cultural exhibitions being undertaken at more schools next 12 months for the Emancipation season. (SB)

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