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Squash Addresses Reports He Was Shot In Gang Feud In Lauderhill Florida

Squash calls cap on reports he was shot last weekend in South Florida.

In a video posted on his Instagram account, the dancehall artist didn’t confirm or deny reports that he was shot and injured in what has been described as a gang war involving Jamaicans in Lauderhill, Florida. Earlier this week, reports surfaced that a street war that stemmed from Jamaica and spilled over to the Lauderhill community in Florida had gotten deadly, and two individuals were shot and killed while one other was hospitalized.

The incident reportedly took place on the Blueberry Hill Condos situated off Northwest 56th Avenue near Oakland Park Blvd on Wednesday night (Oct 19). Considered one of the shooters has been linked to Squash from the Montego Bay-based music group 6ix.

Since then, there have been speculations that Squash was involved within the shooting and was shot and injured. The artist popped up on Instagram on Sunday, where he addressed the rumors but neither confirmed nor denied whether he was involved within the incident.

“Unu know 6ix boss already, my thing a not fi come pon live and check out explain, nuh care wha mi hear, the bag a drama on a regular basis, mi at all times ignore it zimi… mi family members dem, my fans dem concerned about 6ix boss, you understand and everybody a check pan mi, dem hear say mi get shot, hear say mi dead, hear all sort of things, see it deh mi well and alive mi fans. Yih zimmi. Mi want unu know say mi lively, fully lively,” the artist said.

Squash went on to bash blogs for reporting that he was involved within the incident. In keeping with the artist, the blogs were making things difficult for him.

At the top of the Live, the artist said he was involved in crime or violence and stressed that he was only making music in Florida.

“Just leave mi alone bredda, make man live bredda, lowe man make man survive bredda and stop mix up man inna none crime and violence business…music man a do over yah so bredda, strictly music man a do over yah so,” he said.

Earlier this yr, Squash confirmed that he had migrated to Florida. The artist was previously linked to the murky violence in Montego Bay, with the police naming him as a vital “violence producer” in Montego Bay. The artist was detained in 2018 through the State of Emergency. He was later released and was not charged.

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Squash is from St. James, which has, for the past decade, had the best murder rate in Jamaica as a consequence of lottery scamming and increasing numbers of illegal guns within the parish, in line with the JCF. Nevertheless, in an interview on On Stage in July, the artist denied that he was a ‘violence producer’.

“Me shouldn’t be a violence producer enuh Winford, a love alone mi preach to the entire a di youth dem, Salt Spring a mi place, mi love every youth, mi love everybody just the identical. Mi nuh preach violence, di youths can let you know, mi never tell a youth fi go shoot this or that person,” he said.

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