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Star Social pays tribute to his deceased friend on Buy Back Life

Star Social

Singer Star Social’s best friend passed away recently resulting from gun violence. He mourns his passing on the song Buy Back Life, which was produced by No Joke Records.

“The song is inspired by the day I lost my closest friend. The song is largely saying what everyone goes through on a day by day basis after losing someone near them,” said Star Social.

The Portmore-based artiste shared that the song is relatable to everyone.

“Even if you happen to have not lost someone near you, just by listening to the song you realise that it’s easily relatable,” said Star Social in an interview with the Jamaica Observer.

The artiste is originally from Nine Miles in St Ann, the community that birthed the late reggae icon Bob Marley.

He said the church was where his singing talent was first heard.

“I grew up in church and I sang within the choir, in order that’s where I fell in love with music and where my talent was showcased,” he disclosed.

Born Jermain Gordon, Star Social previously released the songs Money Inna Ma Jeans and Watch Ova Mi Jahovah.

“I just wish to bring positivity internationally with good music and uplift others. I need my music to succeed in a global audience; an audience that gets my melodic mix of reggae, R&B, and slightly gospel infusion, from start to complete,” said Star Social.

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