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State-of-the-art Freeport facility launched to ‘revolutionize’ local manufacturing

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — A new manufacturing and mineral processing company is preparing to launch its operations in Freeport because it goals to ‘revolutionize’ local manufacturing.

The Bahamas Mineral & Manufacturing Corporation Ltd (BMMC Ltd) which was founded in May 2020 by Mitchell K.A Thurston and Astra Armbrister-Rolle plans to initiate its manufacturing operations with PVC pipe extrusion lines as its key product.

Thurston, the corporate’s president and chief executive said: “We aim to revolutionize Bahamian manufacturing and produce and provide superior quality products while operating globally and all the time in The Bahamas’ best interest. The concept of BMMC got here to me as we entered the initial lockdown period of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

“Upon listening to the cries of many Bahamians day by day about what we’d like to do to grow our economy, and the undeniable fact that we import most of what we use, I believed that I could possibly be an element of that difference and manufacture products locally, specifically construction grade products due to the constant demand and resiliency of the development industry.”

During a press conference yesterday, Thurston said that he and co-founder Armbrister-Rolle, the corporate’s chief operations officer had shortlisted a spread of products and got here to grasp that PVC Pipe was the most effective product to start producing as every inch of pipe utilized in this country is imported. 

“While we each were aware that this could have been a mammoth task, we saw it as a chance for us to revolutionize an industry that is largely dormant in our country, and we fully committed ourselves to our company and the potential that we knew that it had,” he said.

“Since then, we’ve got developed and improved upon our business model by collectively dedicating 1000’s of hours of labor, making personal sacrifices which include leaving our previous careers behind and turning down job offers, and in fact, investing 1000’s of dollars,” said Thurston.

In keeping with Thurston, the corporate’s Freeport headquarters- the BMMC Park facility will sit on a five-acre lot that can include a twelve thousand square foot structure.

“This structure, specifically, will function our predominant factory constructing and can house our key equipment, which is our PVC pipe extrusion lines. We’re currently finalizing the order of those lines and expect their arrival inside the following six months. As we embark on this journey, we stay up for creating strategic partnerships and synergies to facilitate our growth, development, and continuous success as an organization,” said Thurston.

He added: “We imagine that we’re sitting on an amazing opportunity to permit Bahamians to learn from the tens of millions of dollars that leave our shores annually as a consequence of us importing a hundred percent of the PVC pipe that we utilize and further, the tens of millions of dollars related to the opposite construction grade products that we intend to provide in the longer term.”

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