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Super Value CFO: Hurricane Ian could threaten stock supply

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — As Florida ports brace for the impact of Hurricane Ian, Super Value’s chief financial officer Debra Symonette yesterday warned that the food store chain’s stock supply may very well be threatened if the storm leads to the prolonged cessation of cargo handling operations.

Symonette said: “I suppose all of the ports are going to be closing for no less than two days… hopefully it won’t be an extended delay and hopefully we’ve enough stock to last until the delay is over. There could definitely be some challenges with those goods that we don’t have an amazing supply of which might mainly be perishables items, produce and dairy.”

She added: “Florida could be very essential, lots of our stuff comes through Florida. If there may be any delay that may definitely affect us. We also source goods directly out of Florida.

“At any time when we hear a few hurricane we’re on high alert because there may be all the time a possibility for some disruption.”

Ports corresponding to the Port of Palm Beach and Port of Miami have been shut down until further notice in preparation for Hurricane Ian.

The hurricane strengthened right into a Category 3 storm yesterday en path to Florida where it is predicted to make landfall late Wednesday into early Thursday. The storm is predicted to bring life-threatening storm surges, flooding rains, and tornadoes. Authorities have urged a whole lot of hundreds of residents along Florida’s Gulf Coast to evacuate to higher ground.

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