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Swiss learning offers secure summer experiences at top European schools

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — After months of hybrid learning and travel restrictions, a summer spent mountaineering, mountain biking and exploring Switzerland could also be a secure and rewarding experience for college kids and a welcome option for some parents.

Christophe Xavier Clivaz, founder and president of Swiss Learning.

That’s what representatives from Swiss Learning are banking on. The team uses its resources and depth of experience in linking prospective Bahamas-based youth to 16 elite boarding schools and hotel management institutions in the middle of Europe.

Christophe Xavier Clivaz, founder and president of Swiss Learning, said: “We work with families who wish to ensure their child has the perfect possible education, taught in an excellent setting with a wide range of learning pathways suitable to their scholar’s individual needs.”

For prime school students, there are summer and winter camp programs offering exciting outdoor activities, the potential for learning new languages and interesting excursions in Switzerland and around Europe.

In keeping with Clivaz, Switzerland’s educational system is one which’s highly regarded worldwide. The country has historically placed at the highest, or extremely near it, in respected international rankings.

Throughout the pandemic, schools in Switzerland made immediate adjustments and surpassed all government requirements to operate in secure bubbles, allowing for a seamless transition for college kids.

A summer spent offline and outdoors at certainly one of Europe’s top schools in Switzerland.

Engaging with their peers from world wide provides students with a worldwide perspective and promotes multicultural awareness. The lifelong connections they make and breadth of education received give students an edge as they matriculate to top universities and propel themselves forward in life.

“Each of our 16 schools offers a dynamic education based upon 100-plus years of educational excellence and a history of providing students with diverse opportunities for private growth,” Clivaz said.

“Our schools pride themselves on shaping tomorrow’s leaders in society, business, technology, science and the creative arts.”

With 4 national languages — German, French, Italian and Romansh — Switzerland is the country for multilingual education. Learning is inquiry-based and interesting versus memorization, with lessons typically led by educators who themselves have earned top degrees from leading universities.

Over the past 16 years, Swiss Learning has painstakingly built its expertise working closely with the 14 boarding and two tertiary-level hotel schools in its network.

Les Roches Global Hospitality Education and Glion Institute of Higher Education mix hotel management and international business with curriculums encompassing the hospitality industry in its entirety — from rooms division management to finance and general management.

Top schools in Switzerland offer year-round outdoor activities to explore.

Still, assessing what school is a very good fit takes time. Swiss Learning maintains there’s an art to connecting families with the correct institution, and the service it delivers extends far beyond the initial matchmaking.

“We don’t focus exclusively on recruitment. With any life-changing decision, there are a string of details to iron out; selecting to review abroad is not any exception,” said Clivaz.

“Swiss Learning provides the on-the-ground, skilled advice that allows students and their families to have a smooth transition into the varsity, the country and the community.

“We provide a full service to families, which they appreciate. It brings them comfort.

“Our dialogue with the colleges, parents and students often continues long after an applicant has enrolled and settled into their new life.”

To attach with Swiss Learning and explore options for summer or boarding school experiences in Switzerland, visit https://www.swisslearning.com or contact Carla Jakubovic, regional director, Americas, at carla@swisslearning.com.

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