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The Landings Treats Guests To Carnival “Colors In Motion”

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The Landings Resort & Spa recently treated guests to its in-house Carnival parade dubbed “Colors in Motion”.


Held on Friday, July 22, a few days after Saint Lucia Carnival wrapped up, the event drew nearly three dozen guests to the property’s lawn where they joined staffers and were treated to pulsating soca music, drinks, and dance.


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The partiers even got a special performance from former Power Soca Monarch, Ezra, who had them sing along and dance to a few of his popular hits.


Sannicia Sammy, Assistant General Manager, The Landings Resort & Spa, said “Colors in Motion” was birthed by Aunty Cathy and Juan, the Coordinators of the Kids Club. “They created the name, concept, and costumes, and brought the event to life,” Sammy said. “This was the primary time that The Landings has hosted such an event, and we are going to say it was a terrific success. We saw children as young as three years old, teenagers, parents and associates having a terrific time.”


Sammy noted that a few of the hotel’s guests got here to Saint Lucia to take part in several of the national Carnival events, including the fetes and the Parade of the Bands, and expressed that that they had a superb time. Guest who missed out deserved a sample of the Carnival atmosphere, she said. “So our in-house parade targeted especially those guests who wouldn’t have gotten a probability to accomplish that, but desired to get a taste of Saint Lucian culture,” she said.


Sammy said The Landings hosts events for the assorted Saint Lucian celebrations and would proceed to accomplish that, as it is crucial, we represent and showcase the Saint Lucian culture. 

“We’re attempting to recognise and have fun these festivals in Saint Lucia so that each one guests can taste what Saint Lucia has to supply,” said Sammy. “By doing so, we encourage them to exit into the communities and have an authentic experience of those festivals on a wider scale e.g., La Rose Flower Festival, Creole Heritage, etc.”


Meanwhile, Cathy Andrews, Supervisor for Kids Club, referred to as Aunty Cathy too, especially the youngsters, said she, too, was excited concerning the atmosphere that the event created. “We love seeing the youngsters and families together having fun. That is why we’re here, to contribute to the creation of memories for our guests.”

With all of the years of experience, each Cathy and Juan have together, they’re a force to reckon with. They’ve created a calendar stuffed with fun-filled events and activities for The Landings Kids Club and this is barely considered one of them.

“We got here up with the thought to host this event and ran with it. It was numerous planning, but we made this activity a hit. It was great seeing the youngsters and their parents having fun.”

Source: The Landings

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