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The NCF is looking all folk singers

Are you a singer? Are you able to hold a tune? Do you enjoy folk music? If yes, the National Cultural Foundation (NCF) is asking you to return out and be a component of the Barbados Community Folk Chorale training sessions starting Monday.

The community training and rehearsals are divided into 4 zones North, South, East and West. Participants, who have to be 14 years or older, can perform traditional folk songs, folk songs considered new or those created throughout the zonal groups.

Classes will start Monday, May 23 at two locations. Northern zone sessions shall be held at Roland Edwards Primary School on Mondays and Wednesdays from 6 p.m. to eight p.m. while Western zone shall be at Frederick Smith Secondary School on Mondays and Wednesdays from 6 p.m. to eight p.m.

For the Southern Zone interested individuals can head to The St Michael School on Tuesday and Thursdays at 6 to eight p.m. while Eastern Zone singers will go to Princess Margaret Secondary School same days same time.

The zonal sessions shall be conducted by the Folk Chorale tutors renowned musician Ryan Boyce within the (North & West) and veteran singer Ronald Davis within the (South & East).

Successful participants shall be chosen, based on their talent, to form the Barbados Community Folk Chorale that may perform live in Golden Square on the Crop Over national folk concert on July 26, 2022 The Day of National Significance.

The NCF has crafted this programme with the hopes that it could tap into talent throughout the community in addition to help preserve the country’s folk heritage.

Music Officer on the NCF Abraham Millington said he was elated to to be a component of a programme that goals to advertise this musical aspect of our culture. He also added that the formation of the national group can result in the resurgence of folks singing, heightened awareness and knowledge of the genre in addition to to open the door for the opportunity of an annual zonal Folk Festival competition.“My vision for the group is that it reignites community interest across ages and period to be reignited into creative and competitive showcasing of Folk Chorale performances, with the intention of forming a big and staunch Barbados Community Folk Chorale.

He added: “Folk song preservation is a cultural activity for all ages. It redefines and debunks the myths that individuals inside a jurisdiction don’t have any history or culture of which to be proud.

“Folk songs narrate the developmental strides inside our country, hardships overcome, how past colonial and judicial systems affected the masses amongst others.”

Tutors Boyce and Davis are equally excited to get the show up and running within the communities.

Boyce said: “The community programme is exciting and is an incredible technique to regenerate and rekindle the cultural landscape of Barbados on the community level.

“I’m looking forward to seeing odd people patronise the event by coming with their unique voice and instrument to create
sweet music.”

While seasoned singer Davis added: “I’m comfortable to be related to the Barbados Community Folk Chorale. This enterprise guarantees to be exciting and provides a possibility for individuals to perform on the Day of National Significance. Looking forward to seeing all of you come out and make your contribution as we mark this very necessary day within the history of Barbados.”

For more information on the NCF’s Barbados Community Folk Chorale community project and every other NCF programme or events go browsing to our social media pages The NCF Barbados on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. (PR)

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