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The Rihanna music drought ends: Singer releases ‘Lift Me Up’ for ‘Black Panther’ soundtrack

Source: USA Today – Rihanna has mostly lived in our makeup bags, lingerie drawers and Instagram feeds for the past six years as she focused on her beauty and apparel businesses and have become a mom. Now, she’s back in our ears with the discharge of “Lift Me Up” – her first new music since her 2016 album “Anti.”

The song is the lead single of the “Black Panther: Wakanda Eternally” soundtrack and was co-written by the bad gal herself in collaboration with Tems, the movie’s director Ryan Coogler and Swedish composer Ludwig Göransson in tribute to late “Black Panther” actor Chadwick Boseman.

The song comes as a soft ballad with sweet strings that make Rihanna’s voice the point of interest as she sings an easy chorus, “Lift me up, Hold me down, Keep me close, Secure and sound.”

Before eager ears got the possibility to listen to the complete greater than a 3-minute song, Rihanna teased the new music with a 14-second clip of her humming the opening notes.

Co-writer Tems said Rihanna’s voice “has been an inspiration” to her and he or she wanted to put in writing “Lift Me Up” in order that it felt like a “warm embrace” from the entire people she’s lost.

“I attempted to assume what it might feel like if I could sing to them now and express how much I miss them,” Tems said in a news release Wednesday.

The total “Black Panther” soundtrack will release on Nov. 4, per week before the movie releases on Nov. 11.

Rihanna, 34, and her boyfriend A$AP Rocky had a date night without their baby as they stepped out on the red carpet for the world premiere of the film Wednesday night. The “Fashion Killa” couple sauntered down the press line in coordinating Rick Owens outfits.

The singer is anticipated to get on a fair larger stage in February as she’s set to headline the 2023 Super Bowl halftime show. Only a few details about her performance have surfaced since she made the announcement in September.

Jay-Z, who founded the Roc Nation label that has an entertainment partnership with the NFL, praised the halftime show alternative in a news release saying Rihanna is “a generational talent, a lady of humble beginnings who has surpassed expectations at every turn.”

The rapper added: “An individual born on the small island of Barbados who became one of the outstanding artists ever. Self-made in business and entertainment.”

In May, Rihanna and A$AP Rocky welcomed their first child together after breaking the web with a pregnancy announcement in January.

Ahead of their baby’s arrival, Rihanna graced the quilt of Vogue magazine’s May issue where she discussed her relationship with Rocky.

“People don’t get out of the friend zone very easily with me,” she said in the quilt story published on April 12. “And I definitely took some time to recover from how much I do know him and the way much he knows me because we also know the way much trouble we are able to land one another in.”


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