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The Top 15 Tourist Attractions in Jamaica

Jamaica is considered one of the perfect travel destinations within the Caribbean. Well-known for its reggae culture and delightful environment, Jamaica is home to a few of the top tourist attractions on the planet. White sandy beaches, cascading waterfalls, lush rainforests, natural mineral springs, and vibrant mountains overlooking the clear, turquoise-blue sea are only a number of of the best scenic pleasures in Jamaica. While you add in its unique culture and exotic food, there’s no wonder why it has been considered one of the highest places to go to on the planet.

With so many attractions and destinations to select from in Jamaica, it may well be difficult to make your mind up exactly where you ought to go and what you ought to see when you’re visiting. This is the reason we have put together a comprehensive list with a few of our local insights on the highest 15 tourist attractions in Jamaica:

1. Blue Mountain Peak


Blue Mountain Peak is considered one of the very best peaks within the Caribbean and the very best mountain in Jamaica, coming in at an elevation of two,256 meters (7,402 feet). Known as “The Peak” by island locals, Blue Mountain Peak could be found in the midst of the luxurious rainforests of the Blue Mountains. The Peak is the perfect attraction for nature enthusiasts and adventure travellers, offering one of the crucial scenic climbing excursions in the complete Caribbean. As you elevate into the Blue Mountains, you’ll see an abundance of diverse wildlife that may’t be seen anywhere else on the planet. It’s beneficial to take a climbing tour early within the morning to experience the breathtaking sunrise over the ocean. Each time visiting Jamaica, be sure to place Blue Mountain Peak in your list of things to do – because it is the highest tourist attraction in Jamaica. For a more in depth journey of the Blue Mountain, head over to our article exploring the blue mountain in jamaica.

Location: Blue Mountains National Park, Jamaica


2. Dunn’s River Falls and Park

dunns river falls jamaica


Dunn’s River Falls is one of the crucial famous waterfalls in Jamaica, and one of the crucial popular tourist attractions within the Caribbean. Dunn’s River Falls is positioned in Ocho Rios, Jamaica and offers a very considered one of a sort experience. With the assistance from local tour guides, tourists are in a position to climb the cascading waterfalls. The park also has a lovely beach positioned on the foot of the falls, where rest and leisure comes easy for all travellers. Don’t forget to observe the sunset over the Caribbean Sea when visiting Ocho Rios, because it is one you may always remember. Dunn’s River Falls will leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized, making it the 2nd must see tourist attraction in Jamaica.

Location: Ocho Rios, Jamaica

3. Negril Beach


Negril Beach is often known as the Seven Mile Beach and is a spot of surreal beauty. It’s one of the crucial beautiful beaches in Jamaica and has been voted the most effective beaches on the planet on several occasions. The white sand stretches for seven miles and offers an alluring contrast against the clear, turquoise water. Negril Beach faces directly west, providing a legendary and dramatic sunset over the Caribbean Sea. Tourists are also in a position to enjoy quite a few fun activities on the beach including glass bottom boat adventures, sea kayaking tours, deep sea fishing, scuba diving, horseback riding along the beach, water skiing, windsurfing, and paddle boarding. Don’t forget to envision out the nearby Pelican Bar, a brief 20-Half-hour boat ride from Negril Beach in the midst of the ocean. With infinite adventures and the final word scenery for total leisure, Negril Beach has made its solution to the highest of the list and is the third must see tourist attraction in Jamaica.

Location: Negril, Jamaica

4. Blue Lagoon


The Blue Lagoon is a natural lagoon positioned in Port Antonio, Jamaica. It’s considered one of the biggest spring fed lagoons in Jamaica and is claimed to take a seat on top of a deep, extinct volcano. The Blue Lagoon is one of the crucial common tourist attractions for honeymooners because of its tranquil nature and scenic beauty. The lagoon is about 60 meters (200 feet) deep and is surrounded by lush greenery that emphasizes the glistening, turquoise-blue water. Depending on the angle of the sun, the water changes colours from turquoise to sapphire to a deep-blue. Coming in because the 4th must see tourist attraction in Jamaica, the Blue Lagoon offers one of the crucial magical experiences with nature.

Location: Port Antonio, Jamaica

5. Blue Hole


The Blue Hole in Jamaica is a tourist and native island favorite. The “Irie Blue Hole” or “Secret Falls” is positioned in the agricultural hills of Ocho Rios. The scenic treasure features waterfalls with multiple swimming holes where tourists can enjoy a day of pleasure and leisure. Go cliff diving into the Blue Hole from multiple heights, rope swing across the deep blue water, climb behind the waterfalls, explore caves, or take a refreshing dip within the natural springs. The joys and the great thing about the Blue Hole will make it an experience you won’t forget, making it the fifth must see tourist attraction in Jamaica.

Location: Ocho Rios, Jamaica

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6. Dolphin Cove


The Dolphin Cove is a marine attraction in Jamaica where tourists can swim with dolphins, stingrays, and even sharks within the natural wonders of the Caribbean Sea. The attraction is positioned in Ocho Rios and is surrounded by lush, tropical rainforest. Said to be the most effective dolphin interactive programs on the planet, the dolphins are intelligent and intensely friendly – making it the right family-friendly trip. Swim with the dolphins, snorkel with stingrays, interact with other wildlife including exotic birds and iguanas, or enjoy your day relaxing on the white sandy beaches. The Dolphin Cove is an experience of a lifetime, making it the sixth must see tourist attraction in Jamaica.

Location: Ocho Rios, Jamaica

7. Devon House


If you ought to experience a few of Jamaica’s unique culture and history, the Devon House must be in your list of things to do. Devon Home is a number one heritage site positioned in Kingston and is one of the crucial celebrated landmarks in Jamaica. The victorian-style home was inbuilt 1881 for Jamaica’s first colored millionaire, George Stiebel. The national monument represents an emblem of cultural diversity and provides tourists with a bit of Jamaica’s rich-history. Devon House is out there to the general public for tours and special events including weddings. Tourists are also in a position to enjoy shopping and a few tremendous cuisine on the nearby shops and restaurants. For many who have a love and craving for ice cream, don’t forget to stop by Devon House I-Scream. The shop was voted the fourth best place to eat ice cream on the planet by the National Geographic. In the case of Jamaica’s culture and delicious food, the Devon House Mansion is a must – making it the seventh must see tourist attraction in Jamaica.

Location: Kingston, Jamaica

8. Reach Falls


Reach Falls is a scenic waterfall positioned within the tropical rainforest of Portland, Jamaica. The waterfall cascades into an emerald river pool that’s surrounded by lush greenery, hanging vines, and natural bamboo. Tourists are in a position to enjoy a refreshing swim within the blue-green water, escape into secret caves under the falls, or experience the final word leisure within the natural jacuzzi powered by rushing water through the channel. You may even receive an invigorating shoulder massage by standing beneath the cascading water. Reach Falls is commonly times a secluded attraction and never widely known by tourists. You’ll experience an abundance of wildlife in one of the crucial peaceful and relaxing environments, making it the eighth must see tourist attraction in Jamaica.

Location: Portland, Jamaica

9. Bob Marley Museum


To get the final word peak into Jamaica’s infamous reggae culture, the Bob Marley Museum is a must. The museum is the previous place of residence and studio of the legendary reggae icon himself, Bob Marley. Marley lived in the house in Kingston, Jamaica until his death in 1981. Today the museum is a famous tourist attraction commemorating the singer and his music. The house displays Bob Marley’s platinum and gold records, and is vibrantly decorated in Rastafarian murals and cloaks. Take a step into the reggae lifestyle and experience a bit of Bob Marley with the ninth must see tourist attraction in Jamaica.

Location: Kingston, Jamaica

10. Mystic Mountain

Mystic Mountain is a very unforgettable adventure throughout the tropical rainforests of Ocho Rios, Jamaica. Mystic Mountain is considered one of the highest attractions in Ocho Rios, offering tourists a day filled with adventure and exciting activities. Tourists are in a position to enjoy exhilarating views as they take the the Rainforest Sky Explorer up the 700-foot mountain where they will even catch amazing views of Dunn’s River Falls. The Rainforest Bobsled Jamaica is the signature attraction of the Mountain and takes guests on an exhilarating ride throughout the rainforest on high-tech sleds. Tourists may even enjoy a ziplining tour to see Mystic Mountain like never before. The fantastic thing about nature mixed with the environmentally-friendly, thrilling adventures are exactly what make Mystic Mountain the tenth must see tourist attraction in Jamaica.

Location: Ocho Rios, Jamaica

11. Rio Grande Rafting

The Rio Grande is a river positioned in Portland that flows through the luxurious, tropical rainforests of Eastern Jamaica. The river was originally used to move food on bamboo rafts and is referred to as the birthplace of river rafting in Jamaica. Rio Grande Rafting has change into a preferred tourist attraction because of the relaxing and calming nature of the two to 3-hour tour ride. Tourists are in a position to sit back and calm down because the bamboo raft is guided down the river by a talented raft captain. While floating downstream, travellers are in a position to view an abundance of diverse wildlife including natural-growing banana groves. There are also several vendors available along the rafting tour so travellers can enjoy food and beverages. If you happen to’ve never been on a bamboo raft or river rafting tour, be sure to place Rio Grande Rafting in your list of must see attractions while visiting Jamaica!

Location: Portland, Jamaica


12. YS Falls

ys falls jamaica tourist attraction

YS Falls is thought to be one of the crucial scenic, natural attractions in Jamaica. YS Falls is comprised of seven-tiered waterfalls that impressively and beautifully cascade into natural swimming pools. The attraction is a hidden, scenic treasure positioned within the Saint Elizabeth Parish on the South Coast of Jamaica. Identical to most of Jamaica, the falls are surrounded by lush greenery and delightful gardens. Tourists are in a position to enjoy quite a few exhilarating activities including jumping from the falls, ziplining adventure tours, rope swinging across the cascading waterfalls, and relaxing within the natural mineral water. The scenic allure of YS Falls makes it considered one of the highest tourist attractions in Jamaica.

Location: Saint Elizabeth Parish, Jamaica

13. Winnifred Beach

Winnifred Beach Jamaica Tourist Attraction

If you happen to can’t resist the temptation of spending your day on white sandy beaches and having fun with the crystal clear waters, then Winnifred Beach will likely be considered one of your favorite attractions. The beach is positioned in a tropical cove within the Fairy Hill community of Portland, Jamaica. The attraction offers a lovely, offshore coral reef that makes for considered one of the perfect snorkeling opportunities. There are delicious foods and drinks vendors positioned across the beach, so tourists are in a position to enjoy an authentic Jamaican meal. You may select to take a seat back and calm down under the sun or partake in various activities. It’s said that you simply haven’t truly experienced Jamaica until you’ve visited Winnifred Beach.

Location: Portland, Jamaica

14. Port Royal

Port Royal Jamaica Tourist Attraction

Once known as “the wickedest city on the planet,” Port Royal is one of the crucial necessary archaeological sites within the Caribbean and the one underwater city in the complete Western Hemisphere. The village is positioned on the southeast coast of Jamaica at the top of the Palisadoes in Kingston Harbour. Port Royal is infamously known for being the house to pirates and outlaws through the seventeenth century, where it earned its name of being the wickedest city on the planet. Most of what the town was is positioned underwater because of a large earthquake that hit the realm in 1692. Port Royal now has plans to undergo some redevelopment with theme parks and museums to revive its wealthy history.

Location: Kingston, Jamaica


15. Appleton Estate

Appleton Estate Jamaica Tourist Attraction

For a very signature taste of Jamaica, travel to the Cockpit Country within the South Coast for the Appleton Estate Rum Experience. The Appleton Estate is a distillery that produces authentic and fragrant Jamaican rum in one of the crucial beautiful valleys of Jamaica, Nassau Valley. The Appleton Estate is considered one of the few rums on the planet that claims a terroir, or completely natural environment to provide the rum. The factory offers rum tours for visitors to get an inside take a look at the unique rum-making process. Tourists are in a position to taste the many alternative blends of rum and can even receive a complimentary bottle of the Appleton Jamaican Rum at the top of the tour. To find the pleasure of the beautifully complex taste and witness an enriching experience, the Appleton Estate Rum Experience is a must see tourist attraction for all that visit Jamaica.

Location: Saint Elizabeth Parish, Jamaica

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