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The Ultimate Bahamas Music Guide

Did you realize that Bahamian music has been popular around the globe since the Nineteen Sixties? With so many music lovers taking in traditional Bahamian music internationally, it’s no wonder why you may be thinking about more Bahamian art.

Mesmerized by the music in The Bahamas?

From Rake n Scrape music to Junkanoo, take a look at your ultimate Bahamas music guide here!

The Real Deal About Rake n Scrape Music 

Initially, It’s undeniable that the rhythms of this genre was brought over from Africa to the Bahamas in the course of the times of slavery. Once brought over to the new world the collision with European culture added the melodies produced by the concertina instrument (Early version of the accordion). Also added to the combo were the dances that the Rake n Scrape music accompanies. These dances are the Quadrille and the Heel and Toe polka Dances. African slaves supposedly used whatever was available to them to supply sounds that resembled sounds they were accustomed to from their homeland. 

As a matter of fact, a few of the commonest instruments used to make rake and scrape music include:

  • Carpenter’s saw
  • Goat or Sheep skin drum covers
  • Early versions of the accordion

With these easy-to-use tools as instruments, rake and scrape music was born within the Bahamas!

Why Bahamian Music Is So Essential

When African slaves first arrived within the Bahamas, lots of them needed to assimilate to the local culture to survive. This meant getting used to multiple tribes, cultures, and languages for the primary time. During this intense period of learning, African musicians gathered together to drum and share their long traditions of music and culture. This, my friends, was the birth of Bahamian music.

Although these spontaneous drum circles were ultimately banned by plantation owners, the muse of Bahamas music was already created!

Where to Hearken to Bahamas Music 

Undecided where to take heed to musicians within the Bahamas?

Traditionally speaking, visiting the Bahamas in early summer is a cool option. That is because they sometimes host their annual music festival dedicated to rake and scrape music during June every 12 months. Typically hosted on Cat Island, that is considered one of the one festivals on this planet dedicated to this particular music genre.

In the event you get a probability to attend this improbable festival, do not be surprised while you see the next instruments used to play rake and scrape music:

  • Tin wash tubs
  • Handheld saws
  • Goatskin drums

Not only that, but this one-of-a-kind festival also encourages its participants to make their very own music on the fairgrounds. So there is no higher strategy to learn rake and scrape music than by attending this cultural event.

In the event you cannot make it to this annual festival, though, there are still a ton of probabilities to take heed to traditional Bahamas music during your trip. As an example, booking several nights in a row at a big hotel principally guarantees that you’re going to have a probability to take heed to live music on the premises. Aside from that, multiple clubs and bars host live music on the weekends as well.

The truth is, even on a regular basis stores will play one of these music from their speakers whilst you shop. Plus, beach restaurants and bars will often play a little bit little bit of rake and scrape music too!

Preserving Rake and Scrape Music

In case you didn’t know, rake and scrape music is traditionally only played within the Caribbean, particularly on the Bahamas islands. On the flip side, the locals within the Bahamas are all about keeping this glorious genre alive despite the newest influx of recent music.

That is why preserving rake and scrape music is so essential to the Bahamas, especially since it’s like preserving a chunk of the Bahamian’ history. Thankfully, rake and scrape music remains to be in full effect on the islands, despite the scores of competing interests within the music world.

We highly encourage you to plan a visit to the Bahamas to witness this cultural phenomenon first hand. You’ll be able to accomplish that by cruise or by air. You’ll be able to have an aerial view of the crystal clear waters surrounding the 700 islands and cays of the archipelagic nation. You may also take your time on an island tour, visit several islands and experience the wonder, history and culture of every one. Try the local music scene!

Pro tip: Do your best to go to a live rake and scrape show or take heed to Bahamian music whilst you’re there. We promise that you simply won’t regret it!

Dance to the Beat of Bahamian Music

Ready to bop to the beat of Bahamian music?

From rake and scrape music to Junkanoo, there are so many alternative ways to absorb the normal Caribbean music scene on the island. The one hard part will likely be selecting the very best genre of Bahamian music for you!

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