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Thieves hit popular food entrepreneur for second time in a month

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — A burgeoning entrepreneur says she was left frustrated and delivered to tears after her popular food truck was hit by brazen thieves for a second time this month.

Rakel Rolle, proprietor of Fries With Advantages, said that thieves on Friday broke into her food truck on Shirley and Essex Streets and stole a deep fryer valued at nearly $2,000 which she described because the ‘heart’ of the business. 

Rolle, who has a passion for the culinary arts, began the business as a home-based operation two years ago after being furloughed from her job as a marketing manager at an area hotel throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

She says this latest incident is a major setback to her business and he or she is appealing to anyone who could also be approached to buy a brand new Sierra Frystar to contact police immediately. 

Rolle transitioned from a home-based operation to a food truck last December.

She said the fryer was purchased locally earlier this 12 months to facilitate increased customer demand.  Fries With Advantages offers 30 flavors of loaded fries and specialty burgers. 

“It’s been an actual journey from being a home-based business and now operating a food truck.  We’ve been going strong and the fryer which I purchased earlier this 12 months helped us to facilitate much more orders. I don’t just see it as a business but as a brand.  We at all times make it an awesome experience for our customers; it’s concerning the experience,” said Rolle.

Rolle said that the primary try and break into the food truck was back in March, nevertheless, the would-be thieves were unable to breach the food truck.

“They didn’t get anything. We don’t keep any money in there, only equipment and a few food service items,” said Rolle.

The second break-in occurred in mid-September, nevertheless, Rolle said she believes that because that incident only resulted in a two-day disruption to her operations, the thieves resolved to come back back a 3rd time. Rolle said she reinforced the food trucks windows and was within the strategy of getting security cameras prior to the third break-in.

“The frier is a really heavy fryer,” she said.

“I never thought that it was something I might have needed to worry about someone attempting to steal.  That was an element of my hope chest; something to construct upon as I grow my business. That was the center of my business and now I’m back to working from home,” said Rolle.

Rolle said she believes that the culprits could have been following her business’ social media page and was in a position to determine the opportune time to interrupt in. 

“It’s really frustrating and disappointing as a small business owner. You’re employed so hard to construct your corporation and these sorts of setbacks occur. When you could have a small business it’s not only you but additionally the staff that relies on you,” said Rolle

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