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Tokischa retracts controversial participation in Tiny Desk and issues an apology

Source: El Nacional

The range of reactions that the urban exponent Tokischa’s participation within the Tiny Desk elicited didn’t surprise her. When the concert’s video was released, she immediately acknowledged through social media that she had “looked bad” from the moment it was recorded, opening herself as much as a barrage of criticism regarding her preparation and talent. Before her audience, Tokischa defended her actions by saying, “I already knew that Tiny had been bad for me since I recorded it, without rehearsing, without warming up my voice, within the hustle and bustle, sick, in the midst of a tour.”

She continued by saying that she had asked for a unique time so as to give the general public a “quality” performance, however it was not feasible. She pledged, “The musician, in the event that they add him, I owe them a very good live session, thanks.” Last Wednesday, Tokischa made history by becoming the primary musician from the Dominican Republic to perform at a “Tiny Desk” concert series placed on by NPR Music’s All Songs Considered radio show. She took part by performing a few of her most contentious songs, reminiscent of “Perra” (which she did in a Bossa Nova style), which on the time drew widespread international criticism and featured Colombian J Balvin.

“Hello, that is the band. I’m Tokischa.  I’m a Dominican artist and that’s it,” was the irreverent invitation to hold on with the one “Hola” with Eladio Carrión. She made a forte about how the six band members who performed with “La Toki” were wearing a way that made reference to the LGTB community.

The songs “We’re the identical”, “Delinquent”, “Estilazo” and “Traficando” were also included in Tokischa’s songbook. She wore casual clothing for her participation, wearing an olive green dress with a large white belt, two front pigtails, and loose curls for the remainder of her hair.

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