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Tons of fun at BADDISH

Receiving the musical delights (Photo: Steven Lofters)

PROMOTERS of the inaugural staging of BADDISH, held on October 14, are still on a high following its successful staging.

BADDISH — which offered patrons a mix of soca and dancehall delights — was held on Ocean Boulevard in downtown Kingston.

Ibrahim Konteh is the spokesperson and one among the organisers of BADDISH.

“The event was nothing in need of electrifying. It was amazing to see the several energies that a soca crowd and a dancehall crowd bring just by merging. Whether whining or dance routines, the gang never stopped moving,” Konteh disclosed.

Making a press release (Photo: Steven Lofters)

He shared the highlight of the event, which attracted a big turnout of patrons despite the inclement weather.

“The highlight could be different for various folks. I feel though that the music was something everyone could agree on. We had our usual soca patrons expressing amazement at Shukkle Bus’ ability to regulate a crowd as they’d never been aware of this and we had dancehall folks just being in awe of how the soca had them moving even in the event that they didn’t know some songs. Soca fans usually are not generally into hearing an excessive amount of from their MC’s but just the hilarity of the intros won them over and for the dancehall individuals who might need been more accustomed to the energy of a soca crowd, it was refreshing. These are sentiments expressed by lots of our patrons,” said Konteh.

The DJs who provided the musical selections throughout the evening were DJ Cyclone, Team Shella, Bloodline Franco, Brush 1, DJ Tyler, ZJ Chrome, and Shukkle Bus.

Feedback from patrons has been positive, in accordance with Konteh.

“To be honest, this mixture of soca and dancehall, we knew it could work. But to see it unfold in front of your eyes was great to behold. That is literally a few of the feedback that is been floating on social media.”

The promoters are aiming to host the event not less than twice next 12 months.

“We’re aiming to have this event not less than twice a 12 months. The patrons are demanding a repeat as soon as possible,” said Konteh.

BADDISH was promoted by an experienced team of promoters including those involved in Yung Kingz Entertainment, Strictly 2K and Romeich Entertainment.

On top of the world (Photo: Steven Lofters)
Lost within the music at BADDISH (Photo: Steven Lofters)
Selectors entertaining the patrons (Photo: Steven Lofters)
Get down low (Photo: Steven Lofters)
All smiles at BADDISH (Photo: Steven Lofters)
Having fun with the vibes (Photo: Steven Lofters)
Receiving the musical delights (Photo: Steven Lofters)
Taking full aim (Photo: Steven Lofters)
Up, up and away (Photo: Steven Lofters)

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