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TRYING SOMETHING NEW: Local producer-turned-rap star steps out of his comfort zone

TRYING SOMETHING NEW: Local producer-turned-rap star steps out of his comfort zone

NASSAU BAHAMAS — Judah Forbes is a 28-year-old producer who’s moving from behind-the-scenes and getting into the forefront as an up-and-coming rap artist.

Forbes recently released the quilt art for his first album, called “I’m Not A Rapper”, which embodies his swift journey of becoming a rapper and music artist.

In an interview with Eyewitness News, Forbes, who goes by his stage name “Ju”, admitted that he was not all the time inspired to be within the music industry.

He said he viewed himself as a man to be behind the camera slightly than the star of the show.

But his friends, like fellow musical artist Najie Dunn, encouraged him to step out of his comfort zone sooner or later within the studio.

Forbes said that within the midst of the session, his friend paused the recording and told him he had a natural talent for rapping.

He added that although he was hesitant to pursue rapping, he realized he could make a positive impact.

“I noticed I may very well be potentially motivating so many other individuals who have the talent but don’t even comprehend it,” Forbes told Eyewitness News.

“I feel like this may be the right opportunity and the right platform to get people to step out of their comfort zone and to do something they didn’t even expect can be something great.”

When asked what was probably the most difficult part in creating the album, Forbes said: “All the things about creating the album was difficult. Every night I left the studio feeling like I wanted to present up.

“Attempting to grow to be a rapper was a process.”

He said attempting to pronounce words, staying on beat and just with the ability to be in a creative mindset became difficult at times because all the pieces was so new to him.

Nevertheless, Forbes said that fitness being an element of his lifestyle aided in him using that very same discipline in his music journey.

“Having fitness an element of my lifestyle and embarking on that journey definitely played an element inside me wanting to proceed to pursue working on this album,” he said.

“Fitness taught me to never quit and to maintain pushing since the rewards are going to be so great you’ll be able to’t see it to start with.”

“Ju” said he desires to create music that could be a true representation of himself and that’s timeless, inspirational, relatable and makes listeners feel good.

“Organic music; music that individuals can play again and again,” he said.

“I can’t cater to everybody, however the music that I’ll be creating and putting on the market will certainly provide you with a sense that ‘hey, that is me and I could relate to this.’”

He added that he gains musical influence from a spread of artists akin to Drake, Lil Wayne and Bahamian artists Twindem and Eman, to call just a few.

The quilt of Judah “Ju” Forbes’ debut album, “I’m Not A Rapper”.

Bahamian Producer Rashad McPhee, who goes by the name “Shaddy Einstein”, worked on the album with Forbes.

When asked about his experience working on the album, McPhee said: “My time working on this album was very interesting, funny and likewise some serious times.”

He said he was completely happy to assist Forbes on this sporadic musical journey and likewise be featured on considered one of the songs, since he can even rap.

McPhee encouraged everyone to purchase the album because he believes it’s an important piece of labor with quite a lot of different types of music that listeners will enjoy.

Although Forbes said he’s unsure if he’ll release one other album, he said up to now, he’s grateful for the support he has received on this new endeavor.

He believes the album will encourage others to get out their comfort zone and check out something new identical to he did.

The “I’m Not A Rapper” album has 16 songs and will probably be released on major platforms including Apple Music, YouTube and Soundcloud.

Written by Eyewitness News Intern Jade Russell

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