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TTCSI to host services exporters symposium


Vashti Guyadeen, CEO of the TT Coalition of Services Industries (TTCSI). –

Industry leaders within the Caribbean’s services sector will join entrepreneurs and government officials to create a new roadmap for the long run growth and sustainability of the sector on the Caribbean Services Exporters Symposium 2023 (CSES23) from September 26-27.

The title of the symposium is Reimaging the Caribbean: Positioning the Future driven by Knowledge Services Growth, a release from the TT Coalition of Services Industries (TTCSI) said.

The virtual two-day symposium is being hosted by the TTCSI in partnership with the Barbados Coalition of Services Industries (BCSI), and Asociación Latinoamericana de Exportadores de Servicios (ALES).

TTCSI, BCSI and ALES are business support organisations focused on constructing the export capability of services firms within the Caribbean.

CSES23’s target market and participants are drawn from the local, regional and international business communities and include services-sector business people, entrepreneurs, investors enthusiastic about doing business within the Caribbean, government officials and public servants.

Some 1,500 participants are expected to attend the event, which can feature a virtual trade show comprising 50 exhibitor virtual booths, in addition to networking opportunities and matchmaking sessions for possible joint ventures for participating businesses.

As well as, regional services-industry leaders will take part in high-level panel discussions, during which the long run of services within the Caribbean will likely be reimagined and explored.

Barbados’ Foreign Trade and Business Development Minister, Sandra Husbands, will lead the ministerial roundtable, one among the high-level panel discussions.

Entrepreneurs may even have a possibility to study constructing resilience in a volatile business world from music producer Zachary “Dancehall CEO” Harding.

Vashti Guyadeen, CEO of TTCSI, said, “Against the backdrop of an ever-changing landscape, CSES23 is taking a decisive step to foster partnerships and joint ventures amongst firms, associations and coalitions within the Caribbean region. Such collaborations are essential for Caribbean service-driven firms to thrive in today’s context.”

Executive director BCSI, Michelle Smith-Mayers said CSES23 is significant for the event of the services sector within the Caribbean.

“It provides a platform for networking and knowledge-sharing amongst service providers. Such collaboration can result in the expansion of service offerings and increased competitiveness in the worldwide market.”

BCSI CEO Colin Daniel added, “Most significantly, it enables the region to showcase its unique service capabilities, attracting foreign investments and boosting economic growth.”

The discharge said the CSES23 will shine the highlight on key issues affecting Caribbean services, with a special concentrate on climate change and incorporating green practices within the business operations of firms operating within the regional services sector.

Guyadeen added, “Given the Caribbean’s heavy reliance on tourism and other services, their environmental impact will be substantial. The symposium goals to encourage firms to adopt sustainable practices that may reduce carbon emissions, conserve vital resources, and bolster their social responsibility credentials.”

Guyadeen said sustainability will likely be key to the region’s future economic growth and going green will transcend a mere competitive edge.

She added, “A key message at CSES23 is that sustainability is not just an environmental necessity but a business one too. By championing green practices, firms can differentiate themselves in a competitive market and cater to an eco-conscious clientele. In the long term, this can not only contribute to the preservation of the Caribbean’s natural splendours but additionally foster economic growth and competitiveness.”

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