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U.S. producer KC Porter records album of Cuban traditional music

U.S. producer, singer, arranger and composer Karl Cameron Porter, generally known as KC Porter, released this week his new album with Cuban traditional music, recorded on the island with the participation of singers and musicians from the eastern region.

“I’m an awesome admirer of Cuban traditional music. I feel it’s the matrix of quite a lot of music that’s currently being made on the earth,” declared the renowned producer in a presentation video of his new album, released on digital platforms under the title Azabache de Cuba. La calle está caliente.

Porter selected ten songs that represent the identical variety of genres of the Caribbean country’s traditional music, amongst that are the son-guaguancó “Guantanamera mi amor,” the rumba “Ya se acabó el querer,” the danzón “Linda mujer,” and “La casa por la ventana,” a number to the rhythm of sucu suco.

To perform them, Porter brought together instrumentalists and singers from different groups akin to Unión Sanluisera, Estrellas de la Charanga, Sonora La Calle, Los Guanches, Los Karachi, Septeto Turquino, Changüí Santiago and the Conga de Los Hoyos, amongst others, in a recording studio within the eastern city of Santiago de Cuba

“I all the time desired to be a part of a production like this, with an emphasis on the musical roots of Cuba,” said the record producer of artists akin to Santana, Shakira, Sting, Celine Dion, Gloria Estefan, Michael Jackson, Ricky Martin, Luis Miguel, Alejandro Sanz, Usher, Laura Pausini and lots of more.

With a Grammy award, two other Latin Grammys and greater than 40 albums with tens of tens of millions of copies sold, Porter said that he felt “quite a lot of pleasure” in producing this one, which he says particularly fascinates him for “its flavor, its spontaneity” and for “ the flexibility to improvise that the Cuban musician from the people, from the road, has.”

“We’re showing the world quite a lot of unpublished Cuban traditional music, currently unknown,” he added.

This co-production, by which the U.S. record labels Insignia Records and Meta Platforms, Inc. are involved, was mastered in Los Angeles and in Cuba. It featured the co-production of Alden González and Damián Busqueta and the musical direction of Wilber Jesús Cos, Brent Bourgeois and Leslie Barton.

The Cuban co-producer, Alden González, highlighted that this album has “minimal editing and retouching, quite a lot of natural equalization” and that it gives “very talented” musicians from the island the chance to come back out of anonymity.

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