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Uncertainty, unpredictability make travel insurance crucial

There are a lot of things that might negatively impact travel plans, resembling last-minute cancellations, flight delays, illness or other unexpected occurrences.

If recent experiences have taught us anything, it’s that the uncertainty and unpredictability of life greatly justifies and significantly increases the worth of travel insurance.

This was the argument made by Mark Prescott, Sagicor General Insurance’s (SGI) Vice President of Insurance Operations, who pointed to the undeniable fact that events over the past six to 12 months are proof of the undeniable fact that unexpected things can occur at any time, meaning that travel plans made today could easily should be modified tomorrow based on developments within the country or city you might be departing from or heading to.

“We only have to take a look at what happened here in Barbados and the region during 2021, first with the unprecedented experience of crippling ashfall in consequence of the eruption of the La Soufriere Volcano, followed just a few months later by the impact of Hurricane Elsa, the primary hurricane to directly hit Barbados in greater than six many years.

“In a single 12 months, we experienced two events that had not been seen for many years, a reminder that we are able to never predict what’s going to occur at any given time in our lives,” Prescott said.

He added: “Because of this, flight cancellations or curtailments can occur after we least expect it, leading to travellers having to forego their plans or cut them short unexpectedly.

“Travel insurance allows the policyholder to place a measure of protection in place, in order that within the event they either should cancel or change their plans, that they can recuperate the prices related to them, especially those costs that are non-refundable.”

Prescott made the purpose that there are several non-refundable, upfront costs which are related to travel, including in some cases vacation rentals, hotels and flights.

“After we add up these various costs, we are able to immediately see the extent of spend that’s incurred. It’s subsequently a smart decision to take out travel insurance to make sure that this money isn’t lost within the event of cancellation or curtailment,” he said.

For more information and to get the perfect travel insurance coverage available on the market, Prescott urged individuals to achieve out to a Sagicor Advisor, or engage with considered one of the corporate’s team of knowledgeable representatives using considered one of many options, resembling dialling 431-2800, sending a WhatsApp message to 467-7243, emailing [email protected] or connecting via SGI’s Instagram and Facebook pages. (PR)

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