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UNHCR Bahamas hosts World Refugee Day Event on the Fusion SuperPlex

Liv Feijen, Head of UNHCR’s Caribbean Unit in Washington, D.C. stressed that World Refugee Day is a day to focus on the importance of welcoming newcomers into our communities.

“It’s imperative to see refugees as an asset and never a burden, that they convey hopes, aspirations, experiences, and pieces of their culture with them to their new homes,” she said.

Drift: The Refugee Experience art exhibit on the World Refugee Day reception

In response to a refugee, whose name has been omitted for cover reasons, it was necessary to him to be present on the event and share his story.

“For me house is a spot where you are feeling accepted where you are feeling entitled and where you are feeling loved,” he said.

“I feel like I’m farther away from it due to where I’m, the explanation I feel so is because I’m reminded, due to my accent or how I dress, that I don’t belong. Coming here today was necessary because I’m meeting people who find themselves willing to listen.”

While World Refugee Day honors the contributions of the hundreds of thousands of individuals world wide who’ve been forced to flee their homes as a result of violence, war, or persecution, it is usually a day to keep in mind that we will all make a difference by standing with refugees.

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