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UWI Open Campus Saint Lucia Hosts sixth Annual Patricia Ismond Literary Workshop

The UWI Open Campus Saint Lucia has announced that it’ll host the sixth Annual Patricia Ismond Literary Workshop on Friday 4th March.

Under the theme, “Appreciating and Assessing the Power of Poetic and DramaticTexts”, the workshop is devoted to literary icon and long-serving UWI Lecturer Dr. Patricia Ismond, in whose name a scholarship has been established for Saint Lucian students studying for a Bachelor of Education in Literacy Studies at The UWI Open Campus Saint Lucia.

In response to the UWI Open Campus, three students have benefitted from the scholarship, which has been funded by her sister, Ms. Hester Ismond.

The Open Campus said, “While hosting the Workshop online for the primary time proved to be successful, it was decided that the face-to-face modality be re-introduced to a limited variety of participants.”

It adds: “The Workshop is tailored to CSEC English B teachers, although CSEC Theater Arts teachers are also invited.”

The study material “will consider the understanding and appreciation of the author’s craft and skills learned will probably be transferred to students to boost their learning experience as they interpret literary work.”

Participants “may also explore various interactive teaching strategies that can stimulate the scholars’ creativity and demanding engagement,” the Open Campus said.

This event will be facilitated by a St Lucian academic, Dr. Antonia MacDonald, former lecturer on the SALCC and current Professor of Literature, and Assistant Director of Research at St George’s University in Grenada.

Dr. MacDonald said that she is committed to empowering students through education and has been energetic in the event of educational programs that supply quality instruction, which addresses local, regional, and international educational needs.

Teacher participants may also engage with a St Lucian dramatist and poet, who will address the weather that influence the alternatives of dramatic and poetic techniques within the creation of literary work.

The workshop is scheduled to happen on Friday 4th March, 2022 from 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. at The UWI Open Campus Saint Lucia premises at Morne Fortune, Castries.

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