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Vadie serenades the women with Lovely Mood single


Reggae artiste Vadie is currently having fun with an enormous buzz along with his latest single titled Lovely Mood.

The song, which was produced by Noreen Forbes for 4Ds and N NuMedz Music Production, was released late last 12 months together with a video.

Since then it has received tremendous support from DJs in Jamaica, Europe, the US, and Africa.

“I’m very completely satisfied with the response that this song has been generating because it was released. It’s getting lots of support from DJs everywhere in the world. My team and I feel on this song, so now we have been putting lots of promotion behind it and it’s paying off,” said Vadie.

The singer said he decided to write down Lovely Mood after careful remark.

“I noticed that the majority of what’s being promoted as popular music today is skewed towards the denigration of ladies. A few of these songs discuss women in essentially the most degrading way. I feel sick once I hear them,” shared Vadie.

He continued: “I see women as queens, and I select to indicate my love and respect to them by writing and recording songs like this one. I’m on a mission to uplift everyone with my music and I’m not leaving out the women. Vadie is for the women; all the time do not forget that.”

The hard-working entertainer is currently on the brink of drop a new single titled Ain’t Nothing Change, which is scheduled to be released next month.

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