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VII National Theater Festival within the Manuel Rueda begins today with “The Doubt”

Source: Diario Libre

The VII National Theater Festival (Fenate), whose opening shall be within the Manuel Rueda chamber of the Schools of Advantageous Arts with the play “La Doubt” at 7:00 pm, will open to the general public tonight and include a varied billboard. Greater than 50 plays shall be performed as a part of this edition, which honors playwright and cultural manager Germana Quintana. Performances will begin this Friday at locations within the National District and various provinces. The Teatro Las Máscaras’ “La Duda” features Eximin Carvajal, Lidia Ariza, Patricia Munoz, and Dolly Martinez.

FENATE 2022’s programming got underway last month with a lengthy schedule of workshops during which its panelists discussed various facets of theatrical practice. Moreover, it has the photographic exhibition “101 Emotions of Dominican Performers” by Jochy Campusano, which is devoted to Delta Soto, a pioneer of independent theater within the nation and depicts the varied emotional states of actresses and actors within the national theatrical scene.

Milagros Germán, the minister of culture, stated at a press conference that she was thrilled to announce the festival following the reopening of the stages that had been shut down because to the Covid-19 outbreak. Santo Domingo, Santiago, San Juan de la Maguana, San Cristóbal, and Azua de Compostela are only just a few places where this celebration might be enjoyed, she said.

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