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Vybz Kartel Stole My Songs and Give To Renee 6:30, Says Singer Mon Chérie – Haiti Gazette

St. Lucian Artiste Mon cherie is accusing Dancehall legend Vybz Kartel of giving freely songs she wrote for collaborations with him to other artistes like Renee 6:30.

Mon Cherie became well-known for her “Gates of Heaven” collaboration in 2017, although she had been collaborating with Kartel from as early as 2015 together with her song “Bay Bay” released in 2015 and “Can’t Say No” released in 2016 on his ‘King of the Dancehall’ album.

Nonetheless, plainly the connection between the 2 has soured as she claims that he has “played” her and stolen her music and given it to other artistes.

“I don’t know if embarrassing is the word to make use of but everybody knows how much I like and adore Kartel and he just plays me over and another time. So I wrote a press release like I normally do when I would like to handle a crucial situation that’s occurring in my life and my fans are all the time asking me when are you and Kartel gonna be doing new music well that is it right here,” she began.

She also read a press release she wrote to Kartel where she aired her displeasure on the situation while still saying, “Free Vybz Kartel.”

“Dear Vybz Kartel, you have got been playing me since day one because friends don’t treat one another like this. I’ve noticed that a few of my songs that I actually have poured my heart and soul into have found their way within the hands of other artistes like Renee 6:30,” she said as she broke out right into a song “My Own World” by Vybz Kartel ft. Likkle Addi & Renee 6:30 released in 2021.

She said she had recorded/written the song, but Renee 6:30 ended up being on the discharge.

“I respect their talent nevertheless it’s disheartening seeing my work given to another person once I’ve dedicated a lot to you and my craft. I invested my time, youth, energy,” she said, stating that she paid for studio time and spent money to create the videos in St. Lucia and Jamaica.

“I’ve all the time been by myself on my musical journey, Rihanna and Beyonce has Jay Z, Nicki Minaj has Young Money and I assumed you had me. What have I ever done to you. I’m unsure. I realize that you just favor these Jamaican singers lots more obviously than anybody else… I’m unsure if it’s because I’m from St. Lucia,” she continued.

The lady said she and Kartel never discussed formal agreements resembling contracts because Kartel was in jail, but she said she had hoped that the artiste would act in good faith.

She added that she has recorded quite a few songs with Vybz Kartel, but they’ve not been released or have been released with other artists singing over the tracks.

Within the meantime, many questioned Mon Cherie on her agreement with Worl’Boss, including some Kartel fans who asked her to be patient since he’s in jail.

Nonetheless, the St. Lucian artiste claims that “he’s releasing music with other artists and withholding mine not fair.”

One other one in all her fans warned her to secure her copyright. “Just stop sending the demos,” one follower wrote.

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Others also identified that Vybz Kartel’s team could be the difficulty and never him, provided that he’s coping with a medical condition behind bars while fighting his appeal on the Privy Council.

“I’m wondering in the event that they are even providing you with credit to your music writing. It’s crazy how people treat people,” one other follower said.

It appears that evidently Vybz Kartel fans weren’t pleased together with her post, as some asked Kartel to “run weh the gyal.”

Nonetheless, Mon Cherie had a response for her critics, writing in one other post, “I’ve been incarcerated thrice with some real killaz you cyber bullies could never intimidate not one hair on my back.”

Urban Islandz contacted the management for Renee 6:30, who declined to comment further while Vybz Kartel’s team was unreachable.

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