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Waterman Festival returns December 5

By Kimberley Cummins

Former Olympian and internationally known windsurfer Brian “de Motion Man” Talma has kept his election promise.

In collaboration with president of CATS International Sports, Justin Catlin, Talma officially launched the primary event of his Global Organic Tourism Organic Master Plan today. As Talma noted during his failed bid at elective politics earlier this 12 months, the vision for the plan is to empower communities by the use of locals engaging in beach culture to create economic prosperity.

On the press conference to launch the primary event at deAcTioN Shop, Silver Sands, Christ Church today, Talma said it’ll kick off on December 5 with the Waterman Festival and Beach Culture World Championship that runs until the twelfth. Talma’s plan is geared towards the continued development of the area of interest tourism beach culture sector which he has promoted for some 35 years across the island.

“Organic tourism is whenever you do business with the people of the community and promote them, and the companies in the neighborhood create healthy minds where everybody feels a component of it—and prosperous and folks generate income and you’ve a protected neighbourhood. And I’m really comfortable about what I even have done here in Silver Sands- it’s finished. There are businesses, apartments, bars and it’s functioning,” he explained.

The initiative encompasses several areas including education, culture, sport and art. Through education, he hopes to empower people to study browsing but in addition teach them about self-employment. Culture is an element of the entire vision because while he believes it is sweet to have plenty of visitors going to beaches across the island, there still must be a
strong culture inside society so it doesn’t get diluted.

Catlin, a national hockey player, endorsed Talma’s plan as a phenomenal enterprise for sustainable development for Barbados with the chance for spin-offs in other Caribbean territories. He also explained that the event will see the unique incorporation of several sports, field hockey, cricket, football and athletics with beach culture. And he invited people and businesses from all communities to return out and soak up the motion.

“Overall, we just seeking to proceed promoting the Global Organic Tourism Master Plan in a novel way for sports and beach culture. We wish to have plenty of Barbadians and just about the entire of Barbados come down, even in the event you aren’t participating, and take a look and let’s proceed to develop our communities, promote beach culture
after which let’s take it to a different level,”
Catlin said while noting he expects it’ll be a hit.

Among the world’s top pros in windsurfing, kitesurfing, paddle browsing and surf are also expected to be in attendance.

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