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What do accidents teach us?

We’re all lamenting the traffic accident registered within the Boulevard Turístico del Este in Punta Cana, which has killed two people and injured greater than 40. To a certain extent, it’s one other accident in a rustic that ranks first in traffic accidents. But we now have reacted with particular sensitivity since the victims have been tourists, that’s, individuals who decided to go to us to rest, enjoy our beaches, listen and dance to our music, and contemplate our beautiful tropical landscapes.

Because the media often do, we wish to benefit from this unlucky and painful circumstance to return to a reiterated discourse (now they are saying narrative) but not without relevance and meaning.

1) The Dominican Republic has to make tremendous and urgent efforts to stop being a rustic synonymous with traffic accidents. To attain this, we must work hard and with diligence since it shouldn’t be easy to beat our drivers’ insufficient education, lack of common sense, and disrespect for the principles and laws. 2) When events just like the one mentioned above occur, the authorities should emphasize knowing the circumstances surrounding the tragedy to check them, analyze them, examine them and take the crucial measures in order that those circumstances don’t reappear and cause similar accidents. 3) Tourism is our golden cup, and we must maintain it. The transportation that moves through the tourist poles have to be exceptionally qualified, each in the standard of the vehicles and within the experience and skill of the drivers. We must make use of contemporary technologies to, for instance, monitor these vehicles and regulate their speed. 4) The authority mustn’t ever relinquish its jurisdiction. For instance, guilds and owners of tourist facilities aren’t there to set standards. The principles belong to the federal government authority.

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