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WI Kulcha making travel easier for Caribbean people

By Coretta Joe

As we approach the just about two-year mark for the reason that COVID-19 pandemic uprooted life as we realize it, one Caribbean company has devised a technique to come out of it on top—with reasonably priced, hassle-free travel.

Dominican-born Montserrat-raised Jarrell Fenton is the person on the helm of WI Kulcha, which had its origins as an entertainment company on the University of the West Indies (UWI) Cave Hill Campus. Now based in London, the chief executive officer (CEO) spoke to Barbados TODAY on the importance of travel for Caribbean people and what to anticipate during WI Kulcha’s highly anticipated 2022 summer trip to Tulum, Mexico.

Fenton told Barbados TODAY that after moving to the UK (UK), his eyes became open to travel throughout the event space, hence the corporate’s evolution. Noting that the corporate’s management team is scattered throughout the Caribbean and the diaspora, he explained that many Caribbean people don’t necessarily see themselves as tourists since travel is frequently tied to visiting family and friends overseas and, after all, shopping.

Within the UK, Fenton observed that tourism is big business and that the country is leading by way of holiday-goers. He also took note of the hassle-free way wherein trips were planned. This commentary planted a seed, and the team was confident that this was something that Caribbean people may benefit from and launched into months of planning to roll out the primary experience.

“It’s a giant world with lots of cultures, and we intend to make it hassle-free for Caribbean people to travel and revel in new experiences. Myself and one in all the opposite members, just before the pandemic, went to Barcelona, and it was just such an eye-opening experience. For the trips that we’re planning, we’re starting with Mexico. That was a simple decision for us because Tulum is a hotspot for tourism, and it checked off lots of the boxes that we were in search of, especially coming out of the pandemic,” he revealed.

Fenton further explained that the main selling point of the trip is about experiencing a new culture, having fun with friends, the community, and travel.

The trip, which begins on August 18 and ends on August 22, 2022, is tailored specifically for Caribbean people and incorporates a packed itinerary, which incorporates a welcome party, a day on the beach, a bar crawl, an adventure day, a club night, a catamaran day, and a farewell masquerade party. Barbadian photographer Kristopher Streek has been chosen because the official photographer for the trip.

The entrepreneur told Barbados TODAY that the response has been quite overwhelming by way of interest and bookings, largely as a result of the relatively reasonably priced packages, including airfare, accommodation, experiences, and photography. He also noted that after the extensive lockdowns as a result of COVID, individuals are excited to be a component of an experience that’s catered to them.

Fenton advised individuals who’re new to travel to plan as early as possible, and begin small, even whether it is a staycation in their very own country.

“There’s a quote that I actually like: ‘the world is a book and those that don’t travel read just one page’. And irrespective of how I actually, really love West Indian culture; I really like all the pieces about it: our food, our culture, by way of the events . . . all the pieces about West Indian culture is unmatched. Nevertheless it’s a large, wide world, and various cultures have tons of and hundreds of years of history, and there are some things we are able to learn from each culture, something that you could experience for the primary time. There are some belongings you will like and certain belongings you won’t like as much, nevertheless it just opens your pondering,” he said.

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