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“Wickedest Bwoy In A dancehall” – Haiti Gazette

Dancehall artiste Mr. Vegas has taken his social commentary to a different level as he places his attention on I-Octane, whom he accused of being a “devil” and one among the worst people within the dancehall industry while detailing claims that the artiste tried to set him up.

Mr. Vegas has gone from his beef with Bounty Killer and Dexta Daps to commenting on the Denyque and Popcaan beef. As a veteran within the music industry, he has seen and lived his justifiable share of rivalry within the music industry, but in accordance with him, one among the worst individuals he has come across is I-Octane.

While commenting on the beef between I-Octane and Malie Donn, who dissed the artiste by calling him a “freak” in a recent track, Mr. Vegas carried out an onslaught on Octane.

“Let me show you the way dancehall business dutty. You’ve a yute name I-Octane, zeen and ah one among the wickedest bwoy inna dancehall for my part. Devil! Demon!” Mr. Vegas began. “And him nearly trick the people them enuh but tru me a God pickney the reality all the time come forward.”

In keeping with Mr. Vegas, I-Octane has pretended to be real, but his true colours are showing. He appeared to base his claim on I-Octane and Khago’s beef and said that I-Octane told Khago and his those that Vegas “say dem fi dead.”

“Unu think a joke,” Vegas said, kissing his teeth. “Memba me don’t know ah who produce the song enuh, me don’t know the person dem. ah Khago me a cuss say how how me and also you fi deh yah so ah hold a vibe and me inform you fi write off the person because a likkle clash… and me a glance and say Khago ago eat a food and is a bwoy weh me rate.”

He added that the “rude boy dem” were “preeing” him due to what Octane said, as he insinuated that Octane was calculated in what he said, which could have resulted in harm or worse.

Vegas also claimed that a whole lot of artists were keeping friends with shady characters, and this has caused music to alter as ego is now involved, and individuals are thin-skinned.

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“Dangerous era. It just modified star. The music just modified. Pure ego and bare ego and it just reach to some extent where everybody get thin-skinned, everybody just carry feelings, one time man coulda do song…one time Professor Nuts do ah song and say Yellow Man jawbone drop out inna him hand and everybody laugh and other people know say Professor Nuts a joke him a make,” he said.

Vegas also praised the younger artistes like Valiant and others who’ve been changing the face of music as they give the impression of being out for one another and even bring one another out on stage and share the chance to make music and co-exist.

Nonetheless, he said the “Sea View” era artistes and their fans are still stuck within the old times.

I-Octane has not responded to Mr. Vegas.

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