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Wilburne’s Nominated for CMGA! – St. Lucia News From The Voice

Wilburne Mathurin

With great determination, perseverance, and faith in God , local gospel artiste Wilburne Mathurin has unearthed one other prestigious milestone so as to add to his list of achievements. On Thursday April 21 2022, the Caribbean Marlin Gospel Awards positioned in Nassau, Bahamas, nominated our local gospel star for 2 awards for his original song “Miracle Employee”. Marlin Awards has previously awarded big named artistes within the Caribbean gospel arena similar to Sherwin Gardener, Jaron Nurse, Chevelle Franklin, and Positive to call a number of. Miracle Employee got nominated for Outstanding Black Gospel Recording and Outstanding Instrumental Recording. Wilburne released the worship-type arrangement on January 9 2021 as a medium of hope and consolation for a world battered by the pandemic.

Though Wilburne faced his own personal tribulations through the pandemic, he has proven to be the local gospel epitome of fortitude and dedication. Like many, his income was severed; nevertheless, that didn’t waiver him chanting the much needed inspirational messages of hope especially to individuals who longed to listen to them essentially the most. Before this maiden nomination got here to fruition, the young star was one among the local artistes that voiced the theme song for the Get well Saint Lucia Project in 2021. In 2020, Wilburne received his first international interview on NBC 6 for song , “Get Through This”  that he was featured in with Floridian artiste, J. None. Preceding those accomplishments, in 2019 the local gospel star was one among the three singers who voiced the Independence 40 theme song “We’re All In”. Wilburne’s perseverance, his silky smooth vocals, and faith in God proceed to open doors for his artistry.

With over a decade long tenure as a solo artiste, Wilburne has a big selection of songs and music videos which has hit the airwaves. He has performed at quite a few gospel events, weddings, funerals and at national functions. In 2010, his first single “Wanna Know”, produced by Hugh “Ziggy” James, was aired on local stations and received raved reviews. In 2018, he successfully launched a listening party for his album “Spiritual Awakening” on the then Tapas on the Bay. As a part of giving back to society, Wilburne has performed on the NCF Telethon on quite a few occasions to assist raise funds for the organization to render to the underprivileged in society.

The onus is on us St. Lucians: young or old, man or woman, wealthy or poor, to support this young prodigy. We live in a society with stigma and vitriol attached to our youth especially when it pertains to delinquency and serious crime by a number of. Subsequently, when we’ve shining examples of our youth making a positive impact, similar to Wilburne, we must rally behind them to broadcast our approval. To render support to this exceptional artiste, we implore you to support Wilburne by visiting his website: www.wilburnemusic.tk .  There you’ll be able to subscribe, access his music, his other social links, biography and more.

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