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WORKERS WANTED: Labor director says quite a few job opportunities available, particularly within the Family Islands

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Labor Director Robert Farquharson yesterday urged Bahamians in search of employment to register with the Department of Labor’s online skills bank, noting that the department last month needed to approve applications for 29 foreigners to work as lifeguards.

During a press conference on the Department of Labor yesterday, Farquharson said: “We’re on the lookout for qualified air condition specialists and welders. We needed to approve 29 foreigners to be lifeguards in The Bahamas last month.”

Farquharson told Eyewitness News that those openings were on Half Moon Cay near Abaco.

“We’re on the lookout for a couple of weeks for lifeguards and attempting to encourage people to are available in and apply. The 2 Bahamians who did apply were hired.”

Farquharson said: “We want teachers, engineers, nurses, and pharmacists. I need to encourage members of the general public in search of a job to register with the department of labor’s online portal www.jobseekers.bahamas.gov. There are various jobs on the market. We will only enable you to when you register.”

Farquharson also encouraged individuals to not be hesitant to take up job opportunities within the family islands.

“The Department of Labor on Thursday past hired 52 people to work in Exuma and on Fowl Cay. There’s construction happening on Fowl Cay and on Normans Cay. Grand Bahama is now calling us. Restaurants in Grand Bahama are on the lookout for Bahamians to cook Bahamian food but can’t find anyone,” said Farquharson.

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