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Yeshwa inspires with God Inna Me


With the social media landscape saturated with songs glorifying guns, scamming, and the use of medicine, singer Yeshwa comes with a breath of fresh air.

His latest single is the inspiring God Inna Me.

The song which was released three weeks ago and is accompanied by a video that has thus far racked up greater than 345,000 views on YouTube.

Yeshwa is pleased with the response.

God Inna Me a run weh like a train without brakes. The people love the feel-good vibe and the positive change within the music. I have to take the trip to thank my team, the industry, and fans for the support. It’s a very good feeling to know that good music remains to be being appreciated,” Yeshwa said in an interview with the Jamaica Observer.

The catchy and upbeat song has a feel-good vibe which, in line with the artiste, is considered one of the explanations it’s making the rounds online in addition to having fun with rotation on local radio.

Born Ricardo McKenzie, Yeshwa describes his sound as a melting pot of reggae and Afrobeat which he developed over time. The Westmoreland native says music has all the time been his passion and as such it’s a dream come true to be earning from his art.

“I do music from the guts to encourage people from all walks of life, and it’s my dream to turn out to be a world star and, in the method, add to the wealthy musical legacy set by the likes of the good Bob Marley,” he reasoned.

The response to the song has fast-tracked the completion of an EP that Yeshwa is working on together with his team, Zen Nation, for release later this 12 months.

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