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Young Thug Raps Lil Baby’s Song In Court and Smile For The Cameras – Haiti Gazette

Young Thug reasonably take heed to Lil Baby’s music in court that listen to what his lawyers and the judge should say.

Fans of the rapper imagine that he and other defendants should not taking the YSL RICO trial seriously given the shenanigans within the court, with a possible juror calling Judge Ural Glanville a “b*tch” in court this week, the arrests of the defendants over smuggled drugs into the courtrooms and Young Thug’s level of nonchalance.

The rapper has been in court every single day for the last 12 months, and this week will mark a 12 months since he was first arrested and placed into custody while awaiting trial. The rapper doesn’t seem bothered by the stresses of the case. It seems as if he appeared to enjoy listening to music on new music Friday reasonably than taking note of court proceedings.

While in court, fans of the rapper noticed that he seemed to be singing along to Lil Baby’s song “Heyy” as he looked directly on the Law & Crime cameras covering the trial. The rapper turns to the side and appears on the camera as he mouths the lyrics, and he also uses his fingers to gesticulate.

Lil Baby

“Imagine having a RICO and never even taking the shit serious,” one fan said. “Lmfaoooooo this song be in my head sometimes I feel the identical thugggg,” one other fan said. “He either accepted he getting a while or he know he getting off, either way he chilling hard,” one other said.

The YSL Rico trial began in January with jury selection, but so far, the method is nowhere near finished because the hardships process is ongoing mainly because many jurors reveal that they will’t take time without work for a chronic time due to their financial obligations. The trial is predicted to last greater than a 12 months, given the variety of defendants and the handfuls of charges against them.

The method has caused frustrations for public defender attorneys who say they’re barely making any money from the case and they can’t work other cases.

The drama has also been high despite the slow progress of the trial. Last week, one among the defense attorneys was arrested for possession of prescription pills out of their original containers.

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One other attorney was also threatened with contempt of court proceedings if he didn’t write an essay on why an officer of the court must follow the principles.

To this point, nobody has suffered serious consequences, but juror 1373 will likely be tried for contempt of court on May 12, and if found guilty, he can be paying a superb and spending time in jail. The potential juror had an outburst and called the judge a derogatory word which was caught on tape.

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